Why aren't people buying what you're selling?

Do you have a great product or service but prospects seem to be running in the other direction?

Do you dread looking at your site's analytics?
Your audience has to "get you" in order to give you their business. You need to make an emotional connection. And your messaging needs to be clear and consistent.
otherworldly.design helps rebel entrepreneurs and digital pioneers refine their message, tell their story, and attract amazing clients.
Here are a couple of reasons visitors leave without buying:
1. Confusing Messaging
2. Inconsistent Branding
These guys are pros at scaring away visitors!

Most of the time you won't even know what happened.
What can you do?
"– by creating a powerful brand story, businesses can increase the perceived value of their product or service, earn the loyalty and engagement of their audience, and clearly communicate their vision and purpose to the outside world."
Do this!
Tell a story.
We like to think of ourselves as rational beings making decisions based on carefully weighted features and benefits. But evidence shows time after time that our decisions are made based on emotions and later backed up with reason.

Stories are the perfect vehicle to engage your audience. They're much more memorable than bullet points. Plus, stories stir up emotions that are essential to turning visitors into customers.

Refine your message
But even if you write the best story, your visitors may leave without taking action. It's important to focus on a single message.

All of your messages need to have a consistent tone or visitors will become confused. And you know, Confusing Messaging will scare your prospects!

That's where archetypes come in...
Use Archetypes
Plato refers to archetypes as universal "elemental forms". Because we recognize and respond to them emotionally, visitors will "get you" immediately.

In today's oversaturated market you need to have the appropriate archetype associated with your brand. It's a powerful shortcut to familiarity and trust. Just ask Nike, Disney or Ivory.
How do I know?
Solving problems is what I do best. I'm a trained artist with18 years of advertising experience with national brands such as Neiman-Marcus, Sam's Club and JC Penney. And do you what? I'm not wasting my time or talent making money for a board of directors ever again!

I'm sharing what I've learned so that you can be free, too.
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